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Dear Citizens of House District #71:

I am pleased to announce my candidacy for re-election to continue my service to the citizens of House District 71. It has been my honor to represent and advocate for you, not just during the session, but on an on-going basis.

In 2019, I campaigned that I would bring "common sense conservative values" to the legislature. My primary issues that I focused on were:

Natural Resources

  • viable and sustainable agriculture economy

  • keep public lands public, promote multiple use

    • Outdoor Recreation​

    • Mining

    • Timber

    • Tourism​​​​


  • local control decision making

  • access to all

  • career and technical training/education

  • opportunities for choices

Screen Shot 2022-03-05 at 13.34.50.png
  • conservation practices

  • protect private property rights


During the 67th Session I was fortunate to serve on the Natural Resources, Agriculture, State Administration and Veteran Affairs, and Legislative Affairs committees. These committee assignments provided great insights and opportunities to support our core economies and values here in Southwestern Montana. Promises made, promises kept.

The legislature's primary constitutional duty is to pass a balanced budget. A conservative budget was enacted by keeping state spending below inflation and population growth and reflected the financial discipline of this legislature. In addition to a conservative budget, a tax reform package that reduced and simplified income, property and business taxes was enacted. These reforms will put an estimated $120 million back into the hands of the hard-working people of Montana. These efforts positioned our economy to recover and be stronger than ever. 

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This legislature upheld individual rights and freedoms, safeguarded our outdoor heritage, and provided health care reforms to increase access and decrease costs. We were able to bring flexibility to our education system, expand career and technical education, and allow for increases in a beginning teacher's salary. Bills in support of our Veterans and their families were adopted. 


I appreciate your past support and ask for your continued backing as we work together to enact policy that reflects our Montana values. If you can help with a contribution to my campaign that would be appreciated.

You are always welcome to reach out to me with comments, concerns, and/or questions. You are my constituents.


Please Vote June 2, 2020
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