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"My passion for STRONG rural communities has drawn me to public service. My small business and agriculture experiences help me lay the foundation for common sense, conservative solutions that will allow ALL to find success."."

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Dear Citizens of House District #69:

I currently represent House District 71. The State’s legislative districts are redrawn every 10 years, after the nation-wide census data is available. This is to equalize the population in each of the 100 house districts. House District 69 now encompasses much of my previous district, and now includes the southwest portion of Gallatin County.

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I was first elected to the Montana House of Representatives in 2020. I have been fortunate to serve on the Agriculture, Natural Resources, and State Administration and Veteran Affairs legislative committees. These committee assignments have allowed me the opportunity to focus on the issues and challenges of our rural communities, agriculture, small businesses, natural resources, veterans, and recreation industries.
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The 68th session developed a conservative budget, keeping spending below inflation and population growth. The financial discipline over the past 2 sessions has allowed for income tax rebates, as well as tax rate reductions and simplifications going forward. The State bonds were paid off, reserve accounts were
replenished, and deferred infrastructure needs were addressed. The creation of the Behavioral Health Commission to address the growing mental health needs was a significant accomplishment especially for rural communities.

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This past session saw a record number of bills introduced, making for a busy session. Bills were introduced and passed to address the affordable housing needs and childcare crisis. We were able to bring flexibility to our education system, expand career and technical education, and incentivize the implementation of proficiency-based learning. Legislation that promoted private property rights, personal freedoms, reducing government red-tape, and increasing transparency and accountably were successful.

There are challenges that remain, and I look forward to collaborating with you, my constituents, fellow legislators, and the executive branch to find solutions.


My passion for strong rural committees has drawn me to public service. I am confident that I can utilize my small business and agriculture experiences to find COMMON SENSE CONSERVATIVE SOLUTIONS that will allow all to find success.

I look forward to the opportunity to meet with you personally in the next few months. I want to hear
and learn your concerns/issues and earn your confidence and support. You are always welcome to reach out to me with comments, concerns, and/or questions. 


Please Vote June 2, 2020
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